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Wednesday Wisdom & Wit

04/06/2022 03:42:37 PM


Rabbi Daniel Sherman

Following the conclusion of the NCAA basketball tournament that took place here in New Orleans this past weekend, here are my Final Four thoughts for this week:

  1. OUR GARDEN PARTY GALA: What a fabulous event we hosted this past weekend!  How wonderful it was to be altogether and to gather in celebration of our beloved congregation and Temple!  I want to thank everyone who planned this great event and made it happen for all of us.  I also want to thank everyone who attended and all who showed their support for and love of Temple Sinai.  Todah Rabbah – thank you so very much!
  2. IT’S TIME TO PREPARE FOR PASSOVER: The beginning of Passover is just over a week away.  It is time to get ready.  That means it’s time to make our seder plans, prepare our homes, and to buy some matzah.  This evening during Wednesday Night Live we will discuss the upcoming holiday and how we can best prepare for and get the most out of our Passover observances this year.  Reminder: our Congregational Seder will be on the First Night of Passover – Friday, April 15.  Thank you to everyone who has already reserved spots.  If you are planning on joining us for seder, please make your reservations this week.  Thank you!
  3. SPECIAL MUSICAL SHABBAT EVENING SERVICE: Please plan on joining us this Friday evening, April 8, at 6:00pm for a special service featuring some local musicians – including our own Barry Spanier, Ben Schenk, and vocalist Meryl Zimmerman.  Come in person as we welcome each other back to Temple.  Services will also be available online and via Zoom.
  4. TIME TO LEND A HAND: As we prepare for Passover, and as our community continues to recover from storms, let's remember to share what we have with those who are in need.  Those hit hardest by the storms could still use our help.  And let’s remember all of the innocent victims and refugees in and from Ukraine, and let’s do our part to help them, as well.


Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784